Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pay It Forward....

I was totally confused yesterday ..... i was going to download my last movie till training that i would be watching on my laptop.... before leaving.. :P
well after searching a lot on google a decided to dL this movie "pay it forward"..

Heres the torrent -

Well to my atmost surprise the movie was actually an awesum one..

A film of surprising majesty mainly because of its sincerity to convey the tale of a young high school student who comes up with a beautiful and simple plan to make a difference in the world, involving doing a good turn to not just one person but three, who then, in turn, return the gift themselves to three more people, thereby very quickly spreading goodness in both directions, in the giving and receiving, in the most unlikely places and ways.
Well i think the image will explain everything...

Thus i do think that in our world helping other people is perhaps the most important we can do. Children are the ones who often teach us how to behave in certain unpleasant circumstances. It is not only a moving story but everybody who sees this film stops for a moment or more and think over the meaning of life.

So i think i have talked a lot about high values now.... :P but definitely i am going to continue watching such good movies... and doing good deeds.... :)

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