Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft took the wraps off of Windows Phone 7 Series (the official name for Windows Mobile 7s) which is a complete overhaul from previous versions of the OS...Slick, Touch-Friendly User Interface.

The Quick Launch screen is a far-cry from the old Windows Mobile start screen. Large, colorful tiles serve as shortcuts to your most-used or favorite apps or Web sites. You can also place live tiles on the screen with links to your Facebook profile or friends.

These tiles are live, meaning if the content of the app or site is updated, the tile will update on your screen. So if you have a link to a friend's Facebook profile on your Quick Launch screen, that tile will update when they change their picture. It is a bit creepy if you don't know them very well, but cool nonetheless.

The People Hub aggregates you friends from all of your social networks in three screens: Recent, All, What's New

If you're an Xbox owner and want to keep tabs on your friends' achievements, Windows 7 phones will come with a mobile version of Xbox Live . Users will also be able to purchase games and apps easily from the Windows Marketplace as well.

According to Microsoft, hardware partners will not be able to replace the Windows 7 UI.

Microsoft is also taking further control over the hardware side. All Windows Series 7 phones will ship with three hardware buttons: Home, Search, and Back. They'll also all be capacitive touch-enabled with multitouch.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Previous year....

Its been a year and 2 months since i have joined infosys and the previous year had been a year where i have experienced a lot of things.

Starting with the infy's training..the Mysore campus was really a once in a lifetime experience as it look liked to us for the first weekend :)

We explored the campus and enjoyed all the facilities provided to us, but then something happened during the third week..our technical training started with modules exams going to come every weekend and course divided into basic,intermediate and stream level.

I enjoyed studing all the subjects taught to us till the streams but one thing i hated about the training..we were overloaded with the modules. As our batch was a non cs/it on...most of us found it difficult to cope with the modules burden..resulting in studies that ended at 12 everyday..when the GEC-2 ,our study center got closed.

I resist studying in cannot gain in depth knowledge by studying modules like unix in 4 days... i love exploring all the things during the technical reading.. :P . Among all the exams ....handson were comparatively the better ones and ILI sessions were a refreshing experiences.

During streams most of us got a good schedule for the day...with sqaush,pool,swimming,movies and gyming going in sync with the module studies.Post projects were the easiest phase of our 5 months training and we enjoyed a lot during this time.And Finally we got are postings ....a total "go haywire" situation...there were deals going on between trainees...with their posting on stake :) .Most of us got Chandigarh with our project allocated to testing unit...having no ideas about testing we were happy at that time..till...

Will continue this in my next post :)

Back to blogger

Finally after a long pause i decided to keep in touch of blogger again :) . Last year before the infy's training started , i was really into blogging. I hope i would write something original and something worth reading :)